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Jul 29, Kurt rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Chris Greci. When I first started in Jiu Jitsu, I was helpless. I was at the mercy of men much smaller than I am. I got this book.

The concepts that are conveyed and the techniques that are displayed will prepare you for the most experienced grapplers' tricks. However, you must practice Randori if you want the real "feel" of BJJ. This book is a great start though! Jan 09, Richard Ty rated it really liked it.

It's a good book if you just started jiu jitsu or are a beginner. This was my first book i bought about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu years before i started training. I bought this one just out of curiousity.

Jiu Jitsu techniques: The Rack and Crucifix Position

It did help me out a bit getting my blue belt, because it's so easy to understand. Sep 11, Shane rated it really liked it.

As with all martial arts books it's great when used in conjunction with actual training. It's good for getting a sense of things when starting out and for a mental refresher when you are returning to training after a long break. Oct 20, Hugo rated it really liked it. View 1 comment. Mar 13, Rustam rated it really liked it Shelves: brazilianjiu-jitsu , martial-arts. Typical martial arts instruction book, but very high quality.

Also, goes into some depth about the history and theory of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. I'll be studying this book for a while.

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Jun 21, Marco Tyrtl rated it it was amazing. Jan 15, Jerome Lim rated it really liked it. A great book for beginners who want to improve their ground work! May 22, Matthew rated it really liked it Shelves: misc-non-fiction. My first BJJ book. Good reference text for basic techniques.

Jan 25, Zack Haddon is currently reading it.

Anybody read Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Theory & Technique?

Jan 23, Will rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-undated. As a practical guide to an actual martial art, this is one of the best ones. Dec 29, Chris Brown rated it it was amazing.

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This is the book that got me training. Apr 03, Adam Vine rated it really liked it. Solid techniques. This book has helped me a lot. Benjamin Taddesse rated it really liked it Apr 17, W rated it really liked it Jan 24, Historical account of Brazilian jiu-jitsu Mitsuyo Maeda , a Japanese jiu-jitsu expert, went to Brazil as part of a diplomatic mission to found and establish Japanese colony. The Japanese Legacy Jiu-jitsu had existed for centuries in Japan. Two years would pass before the temple would be called by the name Kodokan, meaning place for expounding the way.

Maeda accepted to teach Carlos. Jwing ming, Yang Kanazawa, Hirokazu 7.

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Ueshiba, Morihei Vasiliev, Vladimir Rated 2 out of 5. Rated 4 out of 5. Mikado martial arts -