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Therefore, it has become inevitable to have some solution at our disposal so as to conserve fuel, reduce pollution and save our environment. One way to conserve fuel, reduce pollution and save our environment is the use of fuel catalyst. Fuel catalyst is a mixture of compounds which helps in efficient burning of fuel. We have carried out a test on MPFI engine with plain petrol and mixture of plain petrol and fuel catalyst.

Work also reports evaluation of thermal performance of plain petrol with 0.

Statistical Science

Also fuel properties relevant to the fuel were determined for the various concentrations of fuel catalyst, in a mixture of plain petrol and fuel catalyst and also for plain petrol. In this paper it is shown that higher concentration of fuel catalyst in plain petrol leads to effective combustion of supplied fuel which results in lower air fuel ratio for same speed. There is improvement in the thermal performance of engine due to blending of fuel catalyst with plain petrol.

Maxwell, V. Setty, J. Jones and R. Anderson and L. Govindasamy and S. Maximum power point tracking is the main solution to reduce the power loss in the photo voltaic system when temperature and solar irradiance variation occurs. The PV system has an operating point that can supply maximum power to the load. The point that gathers the power called the maximum-power point MPP. A model-based MPPT offers a better dynamic performance, because it is relatively easy to obtain an accurate model of a single PV panel, thus predicting the maximum power point voltage for given environmental conditions.

Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol. Larbes, "Genetic algorithms optimized fuzzy logic control for the maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic system," Algeria, Mallika, R. Shilpa S. Nair, Naveen S. This paper proposes an efficient multimodal face recognition method by combining the textural as well as depth features, extracted from directional faces of input image. To overcome problems occurred due to low quality image, pre-processing is done before extracting features from the image.

The spectral transformation of the concatenated block histogram of mLBP feature image acts as the robust face descriptor. The fusion of both modalities is performed at score level. The experimental results shows that the proposed method gives better performance than single modality. Belhumeur, J.

Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics

Hespanha, D. Pattern Anal.

Definite Integral Calculus Examples, Integration - Basic Introduction, Practice Problems

Podilchuk, X. Chiraz BenAbdelkadera, Paul A. Griffin, Comparing and combining depth and texture cues for face recognition, Image and Vision Computing, Elsevier, pp. Katkovnik, Multiresolution local polynomial regression : a new approach to pointwise spatial adaptation, Digital Signal Process. Egiazarian, J. Liang, S. Qin ,Multi resolution local binary patternsfor image classification, in: Proceedings of the Conference on Wavelet Analysis and PatternRecognition,,pp.

Naveen S. Sreeja P, Hariharan S. The proposed algorithm is based on template matching, but it overcomes certain difficulties incurred while applying to biomedical images. The new algorithm progresses in a semiautomatic fashion and can be modified to a fully automatic system for the detection of liver lesions. The results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed technique for reliable detection of liver lesions from different imaging modalities.

July 2. Gosnik, S.


Lemon, W. Scheible, and G. Suganya, S. Mir, M. Hanmandlu, S. Roger M. Dufour, Eric L. Mikhail J. Mahalakshmi, R. Muthaiah and P. Konstantinos G.

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Sarvaiya, J. Patnaik, S. Tsai ,C. While an optimal solution cannot be reached, non-optimal solutions approach optimality and keep running time fast. In this paper, the most used algorithms to solve this problem are comparedin terms of route length, elapsed time and number of iterations.

The TSP is simulated using different scenarios examples and the convergence is checked for each case. Johnson, L. Kim, J.

Shim, M. Corman H. Thomas, Leiserson E.

Spline (mathematics)

Charles, Rivest L. Del Castillo M.

  • Algebraic Cobordism.
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  • Jose, "A heuristic for the traveling salesman problem based on a continuous approximation," Transportation Research Part B33 Valenzuela I. Christine, Jones J. The understanding of complex structure of cement based materials at nano-level will definitely result in a new generation of stronger and more durable concrete; with high range of newly introduced properties.

    This work aims to study the effect of nano-silica NS on hydration characteristics, mechanical, microstructure and durability of OPC-slag-NS cement pastes and mortars subjected to Caron's Lake water. The hydration characteristics were followed by estimation of setting times, chemically combined water, free lime, total chloride and sulphate contents, as well as bulk density, compressive and flexural strengths. The results of these investigations indicate that, NS improves the compressive and flexural strengths of cement specimens subjected to Caron's Lake water up to 12 months.

    The accumulation of additional hydration products within the pore system enhances the densification of cement paste matrix to form closed structure with narrow pores. NS decrease the accessibility of SO and Cl- to penetration into the pore system to form ettringite and chloroaluminate hydrate, hence the total sulfate and total chloride contents decrease with NS content. Partial inhibition of chloroaluminate formation and the fine closed microstructure of composite cement containing NS caused an increase of compressive and flexural strengths. Heikal M, El.

    Didamony H, Moustafa MA. Hydration characteristics and physico-chemical and mechanical characteristics of ternary blended system. Si Ind 74, ,, Singh NB, Middendorf B. Chemistry of blended cements part-I: Natural pozzolanas, fly ashes and granulated blast furnace slags. Cem Inter 6 4 76— Chemistry of blended cements part-II: Silica fume, metakaolin, reactive ashes from agricultural wastes, inert materials and non-Portland blended cements. Cem Inter 6 78— Constr Build Mater 36, , 68— Shi C, Qian J. High performance cementing materials from industrial slags: A review Resour Conserv Recycl 29, , — Nazari A, Riahi S.

    Splitting tensile strength of concrete using ground granulated blast furnace slag and SiO2 nano-particles as binders. Energy Build 43 — Cem Concr Res 40 — Chen W. Hydration of slag cement: theory, modeling and application. PhD Thesis, University of Twenty; Siddique R.

    Berlin Heidelberg , Sanchez F, Sobolev K. Nanotechnology in concrete — a review. Constr Build Mater 24 , — Properties of concrete incorporating nano-silica.